I came upon this web series through its rave reviews and was hooked from the first “stop.”  Comparisons have been drawn to Girls, perhaps in its ironic yet blunt view of twenty-somethings.  Millenials seem to enjoy greater personal freedom and privilege yet are essentially portrayed as ingrates.  With imperfections galore, here though they become penultimate Peggy Lees, fully connected and educated, yet stymied by life’s inconsistencies.

To that point, the three protagonists are clearly struggling to make and find their varied ways, and I especially loved the devastating, savory/sweet interplay between the two creators.  Similarly, as this is a crowdfunded web series, the overall story arc seem a bit rawer than it actually is, with at times MTA weekend construction schedule-like editing.  But perhaps that’s intentional:  what’s neat and pretty about New York anyway?  Ultimately, it’s highly polished dramaturgically given how three-dimensional each character is left.

I so wish the creators could have continued it.  Other more outsized series have had longer lives but the web is an insatiable master fixated on instant gratification. It’s still a pity that a longer arc for these profoundly flawed yet eminently relatable characters could not have continued.


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