Here We Go Again (and Again, and Again, and . . .)

As if the arrival of a series, on public television, centered around a gay male couple weren’t enough cause for celebration, leave it to various quarters, people to put a kabosh on any kudos or victories marked.

Having previously traced historical antecedants to current and recent series, on its surface (sight unseen) this series doesn’t seem especially remarkable, save the longevity of the duo’s relationship.  I’m not sure if the conundrum/puzzlement stirred up by in this article is either still relevant, or whether anyone is actually contesting it any longer.  I think it’s safe to say that the war for hetero-masculinity has clearly at this point been won by its enforcers:  the militarytechnologicalbro-plex” which brooks little if any deviancy from its adherents.  Cultural representations of homo-masculinity tend to hew to that “standard” with a cookie-cutter rigidity.

Let me pause in my screed to say that I genuinely mean no offense to either the quality or achievement of Looking, especially its creators, who at an anterior moment likely, would have been creating something exceptional, not just artistically but on other levels as well.  And yet, as our rights are ever more assured (and our enemies ever more cravenly desperate), and our representations more diverse, who cares?



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