Stories Told and Untold

Though decades in the making, the rocky yet fortuitous symbiosis between African-Americans and LGBT folks has brought about some curious stakes in this year’s awards season.

While it’s a foregone conculsion that one or both films championing the centuries’ long struggle of the former will triumph, what’s particularly interesting is how these films have played and been perceived by parts of the African-American community.

Some think there should be “better” roles and characters to portray, shirking at remembering or looking back at antecedants and precedessors who were less advantaged.

What should we be seeing then?

So many gay male stories are set “inside” our “world,” and/or depict the few interlopers there; or about our visibility and/or hiding in plain sight.  How much deeper can we actually go?  To have orientation- and gender-blind casting, and gay men popping up in all kinds of roles and situations is the logical parallel with a decades-long struggle of all racial minorities for greater visibility.

In an age when the palaces of the supposed Almighty are crumbling, shouldn’t we just band together and do this ourselves?


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